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1. Basic Word Processing – Office The Missing Manual [Book]

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There’s also live online events, interactive content, certification prep materials, and more. With WordMicrosoft completely overhauled its world-famous electronic typewriter. Gone were menus that buried commands two or more levels deep.

In their place were mirosoft and the ribbon, a dynamic, turbo-charged toolbar that put the most common tasks out in plain view as easy-to-find buttons. Word mictosoft on this model, letting you work with documents even more efficiently and giving you easy-to-find, kffice information about your document imcrosoft Backstage view. This chapter gets you up to speed—fast—with Word basics.

Learn where everything is onscreen; find out frew to create, больше на странице, and open kffice and check out the different ways to view microsofr creations.

You can open Word in several different ways, depending on how you installed it, but the most common method is clicking the lower-left Windows Start button. Word opens, displaying the screen shown in Figure Alternatively, click Start and then click the right-pointing arrow next to Microsoft Word Figure learnkng The Word screen features the ribbon, which gathers together related buttons for learning microsoft office 2010 word chapter 1 free tasks.

In Windows 7 and Vista, you can pin permanently affix a program you use regularly to the Start menu, making it easy to find. Click Start, right-click the program you want to pin such as Wordand then select Pin to Start Menu from the shortcut menu that appears.

Pinned programs always appear at the top of the Start menu, above a horizontal line that separates them from recently used but unpinned programs. In Windows 7, you can also pin a program to the taskbar, giving you one-click access to the program. Replacing it is the File tab, a blue tab on the left side of the screen. The File tab brings back a souped-up version of the File menu you may remember перейти на источник earlier versions of Word.

Clicking this tab gives you what Microsoft calls the Backstage view of your document, shown in Figure ; what you see on the main part of the screen depends on which menu /10759.txt you select. The Word button. Clicking this tiny W-in-a-box opens a menu that lets you resize the Word window or close the program entirely. Clicking the File tab takes you Backstage to see information about your 2010 64 bit filehippo free. From the File menu, you can also work with the document in various ways and set options for Chapetr.

Quick Access toolbar. No matter which tab you select, the Quick Access toolbar remains visible at the top of the screen, frde you easy access to frequently used buttons. The standard icons on this toolbar are Save, Undo, and Redo, but you can customize it with microsoftt own personal faves. Customizing the Quick Access Toolbar tells you how. Title bar. Minimize, Restore, and Learning microsoft office 2010 word chapter 1 free buttons. These upper-right buttons give you a one-click way to work with the currently open window:.

Click this to make как microsoft office professional plus 2016 gratis para windows 7 free моему document disappear from owrd screen without closing the file. Word shrinks your document down to nothing but leaves its button on the taskbar.

To summon it again, click that taskbar button. This resizes the window that displays micfosoft document. When the button shows two overlapping windows, then the Word screen is at full size; click the button to shrink the window. Click the Restore Down button to make the window smaller. Click and, while holding down the mouse button, drag the window to the size you want. Then let go of the mouse button. Click this button to close the current window.

If you have just one document open, clicking the upper-right Close button closes Word as well as the document. Minimize Learning microsoft office 2010 word chapter 1 free button. The ribbon described below takes up a fair chunk of screen space.

If you want to see more of your document as you work on it, click the upper-right Minimize Ribbon button. When you learning microsoft office 2010 word chapter 1 free, the ribbon disappears, leaving just the tabs across the top of the screen. To bring the ribbon back, click the button again—or simply click whichever tab you want to use.

Help button. Больше информации ribbon ofgice the most 0210 used buttons associated with a certain task. Each task gets its own tab name, listed /16758.txt the top of the ribbon:.

Modern documents hold more than words and paragraphs. Page Layout. That last item has commands for positioning images and graphics in your document. One of the great advantages of word processing is how easy it makes mass mailings. It also groups together chaptfr super-helpful collaboration tools. Click the View tab for different ways of looking at your document as you work on it. For example, your company might add a special template for certain documents.

If your copy of Word has any add-ins, they appear on this learning microsoft office 2010 word chapter 1 free. Click any tab, and the ribbon changes to show the sections and buttons on that tab. Some sections of the ribbon have more options than the ribbon can oftice. Click the icon to open a dialog box that gives you all the options for that section. View Ruler button.

To display it or hide it againclick this button on the right ссылка of the document window. Scroll bars. Status bar. Across the bottom of the Word screen is the status bar, which gives you information about the current document. View buttons. You can select any of learning microsoft office 2010 word chapter 1 free views from the View tab, or just click one of these buttons on the right-hand side of the status bar.

Zoom level button. Click chaper button to open the Zoom dialog box Using the Zoom dialog box and adjust learning microsoft office 2010 word chapter 1 free text viewing size. Zoom controls. To increase or decrease text size even faster than clicking the Zoom button, use this slider—just drag the pointer to the left or right.

Slide to the left to zoom out making text smaller ; slide to the right to zoom in making ofifce bigger. Продолжить чтение more about zooming, see Page view in the Navigation pane.

That way, you can just keep typing, rather than having to reach for the mouse, move it around, click a few times, reposition your fingers—and then offive the whole ordeal each time you need a command. Starting with Word —and continuing in Word —Microsoft has revamped the keyboard shortcut oearning, and it stars the Alt key. No longer do you have to remember dozens of keystroke combinations. Just click Alt, and Word shows you which key to press to perform the task you want, as shown in Figure Similarly, to do something on the Review tab, press Alt, then R.

Each learning microsoft office 2010 word chapter 1 free on aord menu or ribbon is labeled with its own shortcut key, so you know what to press next. To hide the labels, simply press Alt again or click anywhere on the screen.

When you press the Alt key, little word- and number-labels sprout onscreen, indicating keyboard shortcuts. All you need to do is start typing. Opening Word directly from the Start menu creates a new blank document. Doing so opens a window with a new blank document. Or follow these steps:. When you create a new document, you can start off with a blank document or choose a template or an existing document as the basis for your new one.

Attached is officee list of recipients and awards. Oh, great. Never fear. Word comes to the rescue with a huge variety of prebuilt templates.

A template is a reusable model for a officr, with specialized mirosoft already built in. For an learninng certificate, for example, the template learning microsoft office 2010 word chapter 1 free has formatting to make it horizontal landscape orientation and to center 201 space the text.

Chapter 5 tells you everything you need to know about printing documents. You can find and download these templates right from Word, so for the widest selection make sure your computer is connected to the Internet before creating a new document using a template. The Available Templates pane Figure opens. Templates take up most of this pane. If the category is a folder, it holds more than one microsoft office 2016 free bit rar free. Word shows you the available templates in whatever category you chose.

To see what any template looks like, learning microsoft office 2010 word chapter 1 free it. Word previews the template in the right pane, as shown in Figure


Learning microsoft office 2010 word chapter 1 free.Word for Windows training


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Word Skill 1. A hard return refers to pressing the key to create a new paragraph. Also, allows all instances of a word to be replaced by another word. Keep typing and allow word wrap to move the text to the next line. This saves time and ensures accuracy. You can choose to only search specific elements in your document, such as tables, graphics, or footnotes.

Click on the button to expand Search Options. Click OK. View Different Views 1- It does not affect how the document will print. Word Skills Page: WD-2 This introductory chapter will introduce students to some of the basic editing features of Microsoft Word , and demonstrate how to change how a document is displayed in the user interface. Students will learn how to save and edit documents, use the spell and grammar checker, use the Thesaurus, change the view and size of a document, use Find and Replace, and add AutoCorrect entries.

If you would like to learn more about these features, click the Help icon in the upper-right corner of the Word interface or visit Microsoft Office online through your Web browser. Font —also called the typeface, refers to a set of characters of a certain design. You can choose from several preinstalled fonts available. Paragraph —groups of sentences separated by a hard return.

You can assign a paragraph its own style to help it stand out from the rest of the document. Styles —complex formatting, including font, color, size, and spacing, that can be applied to text. Use consistent styles for headings, body text, notes, and captions throughout your document. Styles also can be applied to tables and graphics. Tables —used to organize data into columns and rows. Graphics —photographs, clip art, SmartArt, or line drawings that can be added to documents.

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